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In a sense, to advocate is to listen, understand, believe, participate, share & celebrate stories - stories about peoples, cultures, place, and time in place; helping those stories ring out & into in the hearts, minds & spirits of those who hear or see them, and together promoting what we know to be essential.  You and I are working toward deep, rich, connected ways that make our cities matter ...  

A R T  •  P L A C E  •  C U L T U R E


  creative consulting

  research & reporting on art, space & place needs for projects or communities

  community facilitation & engagement

  Indigenous inclusion processes

  alignment of multiple stakeholders to a common vision

  authentic place-story interpretation

  passionate advocacy on matters of art, place and culture


City building with art

Photos: KEKerr or noted.  Keith Walker of 'Blow in the Dark Glassworks' working in his legal garage art studio; Crowd celebrating over Alex Janvier's 1500 sq.ft. glass mosaic; AJ Louden working on the open source Street Art Space (partnership with EAC / Strathcona BRZ / City of Edmonton); Sandra Bromley's wood sculpture in Borden park (commissioned through the Transitory Art program of the EAC); Métis artist Amy Malbeuf & fabricator Will Johnston with 'Iskotew' underway (commissioned through the City of Edmonton percent for art policy with the EAC - photo EMClarke/EAC); 'Urban Garden' Vancouver, 'Milkyway' 1600 sq. ft. mixed media mosaic connecting private development & urban streets, Vancouver; 'Imagine Our Future', a NVCAC program to teach students how to transpose their own drawings to then hang as public art in the pedestrian bridge to Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver.

creative place potential

A few examples of place making through art, place, people:  Clareview Community Centre + Library Launch; McLuhan House historic renovation; potential artist space; "The Old Cycle Building". Photos: KeKerr.

+ people

What is art or place without people!?  Photos: Friend of the SW Seattle Library; Launch for t'sa tsa ke k'e' with artist Alex Janvier, Elders and stakeholders; artists Layla Folkmann & Lacey Jane in front of the yet-to-be 'Pillars of the Community'; beloved Elders Jerry & Jo-ann Saddleback after the naming ceremony for 'ᐄᓃᐤ (ÎNÎW) River Lot 11∞' art park (photo supplied J. Saddleback); Launch of ArtsHub 118 (photo AHE); Sea-to-Sky leadership Cohort 2 (photo SSL); Ford Hall after a concert showing 'tsa tsa ke k'e'; Public Art Bus Tour! (photo DMC Photography / EAC). Photos: KEKerr or noted.